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Current Features ***NEW FEATURES ADDED ON JULY 7, 2012!***

Lawn Bowling Manager and all its downloads and reports are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Online FAQs website, telephone and email support is included for all our Lawn Bowling Manager customers.

Site Administrator and Club Manager functions (also have access to all website functions)

  • Use security levels to assign members different responsibilities. Security levels include regular member, site editor, league convenor, sponsor administrator, rental and events administrator, registration administrator, club manager, site administrator
  • Upload your club logo for use in Lawn Bowling Manager reports
  • Upload a banner image for use on the top of your club's website pages
  • Select from several website banner and color style options to customize your club website
  • Update your website description and keywords for search engine optimization
  • Add Google Analytics® to enable tracking of visitor traffic on your web pages
  • Use page editing tool to update content on your home page, member documents page, links page and contact page
  • Choose your club's additional web pages and update content using page editing tool. Select from these options: "From the President", "From the Manager", "Board of Directors", "Pro Shop", "Club History", "Local Services", "Rentals", "New Member Info", "Member to Member", "Our Teams on Tour", "Tournaments"
  • Choose to accept payments for member registrations and event registrations using your club's PayPal account (Don't have a PayPal account? Click on the image below to sign up today.)
    PayPal for Business - Accept credit cards in just minutes!
  • ***NEW*** Choose to accept payments for member registrations and event registrations using your club's Moneris account
  • ***NEW*** Committee Management System - create committee member listings, a public page and a members page to inform people of the various committees and the activities they are performing to make your club better
  • ***NEW*** Add Facebook feeds to your website
  • ***NEW*** Add Twitter feeds to your website
  • ***NEW*** The "Club News" main menu has been renamed to "Club Media" to accomodate the new social media and committee changes to Lawn Bowling Manager
  • ***NEW*** A new additional web page has been created for "Greens Keeper Info" bringing the total number of optional pages to twelve
  • ***NEW*** Create up to five new site pages that you can name; choose where your new custom pages are located; under which main menu item: Our Club, Our Leagues, Club Media or Club Events
  • ***NEW*** Create optional custom page for "Our Leagues" instead of using the default page generated by Lawn Bowling Manager
  • ***NEW*** Optionally create an information page for every Membership Type in your club to better attract new members to join your club under that Membership Type and to inform existing members about all the features of that Membership Type

Registration Administrator functions

  • Complete online system for member registration
  • Create registration information page for display when registration is closed
  • Create inline registration instructions for online registration form
  • Enter your membership and league options for your online registration form
  • Enter extra charges (i.e.: locker fees, taxes, etc.), discounts (i.e.: age discounts, early sign up discounts, etc.) and membership price overrides (i.e.: life members are free, special new member pricing, etc.) for the online registration
  • Enter new members before registration is opened for public use
  • Download your full registration details anytime during registration
  • Monitor member payments using payment control features
  • Download registration summary to identify leagues that are full or not filling
  • Download registration summary by member type
  • Export member data to generate mailing labels
  • Maintain member information and registration details

Rental and Event Administrator functions

  • Create events on club calendar for league play, member events, public club events and private rentals
  • Choose to use the optional “Rentals” page and update content using page editing tool to inform public of rental opportunities at your club
  • Create event information pages for member and public events
  • Create online registration forms for both lawn bowling and non lawn bowling club events, download listing of who has signed up for the event
  • Choose to accept payments for events (only available when site administrator sets up club’s PayPal account)

Sponsor Administrator functions

  • Add sponsor advertising to your site to generate revenue for your club
  • Create sponsor advertising page to inform potential sponsors of advertising opportunities at your club
  • Special "Show Sponsors" page which lists all sponsor ads on one page
  • Generate various reports for sponsor ad impressions and clicks
  • Generate sponsors book to showcase all your sponsors and post on bulletin board at your club

League Convenor functions

  • Download member details for members in your league
  • Create a public league page and a private members page
  • Enter the team roster, league round robin schedules and the game scores and team points
  • Functions to clear roster and schedules and scores at end of season
  • Add league scoring details so Lawn Bowling Manager can calculate team points and league standings automatically from the game scores
  • Print a league roster, a game schedule and a game scores and standings report for posting on the league bulletin board at your club

Site Editor functions (available to all security levels except regular members)

  • Upload images to include on your club's web pages
  • Upload document files and link to them on your club's web pages for your members to view and download
  • Create public and member only news articles for your members
  • Update event pages for member events and public events
  • ***NEW*** Update Committee Management System member list and committee pages (must be a member of the committee)

Mass Email System (available to all security levels except regular members)

  • Email message center to send communications directly to members
  • Emails can include attachments and imbedded images
  • Send emails to member status groupings, membership types, league types, security access levels, specific gender
  • ***NEW*** Send emails to committees email groups

Regular Member functions

  • Member contact details are entered right into Lawn Bowling Manager during member registration and members can update their information online
  • Each member can add their name to your spares list for easy access by all club members
  • Members can choose to opt out of club emails (this feature is in place to comply with international anti spam laws, opt out instructions are automatically included with each email)
  • Members can view and print their own personal team roster, game schedule and event schedule
  • Each member can update their team's game scores to save time for the convenor
  • View online members directory (only member names and phone numbers are visible to regular members, all other personal information is kept confidential and is only visible to club's administrative members with higher security levels)
  • View online league or team roster, league schedule, league standings and full league/team statistics (Wins, Loses, Ties, Defaults, Score Gap and Wins Percentage)
  • Print your own copy of the members directory (which includes the sponsor ads for additional sponsor exposure)

Public Website features

  • View information pages created by Site Administrator. Various pages can be made available for public viewing but there will always be a home page, member documents page, links page and contact page
  • View list of membership types with leagues and membership types with no leagues. View league information pages
  • View public news stories entered by Site Editors
  • View and print club calendar
  • View and print club events list
  • View the member registration page when registration is open or the registration information page when registration is closed

Future Features

  • Enter knockout schedules for leagues
  • Create photo galleries of club events
  • Create volunteer management system
  • Create member surveys to collect information from your members and generate a survey results report
  • Use Lawn Bowling Manager's league scheduler to create your league schedule, just enter your teams and let Lawn Bowling Manager do the rest
  • Private member forum for members to communicate with each other

If you have suggestions for Lawn Bowling Manager features contact us so that we can add these features for you to use.

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