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Use Lawn Bowling Manager for Free

Follow these steps to use Lawn Bowling Manager for free:

  1. Select the Lawn Bowling Manager Account Level that works for your club.
    For example: your club has 200 members so you need Level 240 for $39.95 per month
  2. Calculate your cost for the first year.
    For example: setup fee of $49.99 plus 12 months of $39.95 for a total of $529.39
  3. Divide your cost into 10.
    For example: $529.39 divided by 10 and rounded is $55
  4. Sell 10 website advertising spots on your website to local and member businesses for $55 each.
  5. Now you are using Lawn Bowling Manager for free.
  6. Sell more website advertising spots on your website or increase the advertising price and use the extra earnings for whatever you need:
    • extra prize money for leagues
    • capital improvements
    • a free members only tournament
    • a bigger end of season party
    • you choose ...
  7. Next year, repeat steps 1 through 6.